ROI Call Center Solutions Review: Important Information You Need to Know

ROI Call Center Solutions is a registered company in the United States of America that offers vast customer support services. It is an outsourcing company that assists businesses in offering satisfying customer care services, including answering services, inbound teleservices, telemarketing, etc. It has been in existence since 2008.

Chapter 1 : ROI Call Center Solutions Overview

On the positive side, the company has a good and flexible working environment. However, they have their negatives, such as a lack of guarantee on paid sick days off and vacations. 

To write this review, we have researched authentic information regarding its services and quality of service delivery. Many ROI Call Center Solutions reviews reveal that it is a good organization. Moreover, their website looks appealing and straightforward as they have displayed the basic information with clarity. Read on to find out more about the company.

Chapter 2 : ROI Call Center Solutions Pros and Cons

ROI Call Center Solution claims that its main advantages include helping clients thrive in the competitive and weak economy, satisfy clients through quality customer care provision, and cut down their operational expenses. From client’s feedback on various online platforms, other ROI Call Center Solutions pros include a quiet and flexible working environment, friendly colleagues, and flexible schedules for employees. In addition, some enjoy working and earning their salary from the comfort of their homes.

Some current and former workers at ROI Call Center Solutions give negative feedback showing the company’s weaknesses. From the negative feedback online, we found out some of its cons: lack of paid vacations and off days, poor management that doesn’t focus on individual workers, and inconsistent employee promotions. 

24/7 availability throughout the year is a quality that makes ROI Call Centre Solutions a unique service to many businesses worldwide. With that, they can satisfy clients and help them succeed in their business endeavors. 

GRADE: 4.0/5

Chapter 3 : Services Offered

ROI Call Center Solutions services are clearly stated on their website. Here is what you expect on their list of services:

  • Customer care
  • Answering services
  • Chat service
  • Inbound teleservices
  • Order taking
  • Technical support
  • Lead generation
  • Help-desk services
  • Telemarketing
  • Outsourcing
  • Surveys
  • Upselling/cross-selling

GRADE: 4.0/5

Chapter 4 : Account Login & Order (Sign-up & Sign-In)

The registration and login processes at this company are simple and fast. The mandatory login ROI call center solutions details include the client’s name, email address, and contact. This sign-up process is simple, and it lets you create your account where you can always sign in at any time to access their services. 

The ROI Call Center Solutions website is impressive, with a clear registration process. Unlike other companies with complicated procedures for registering, this organization gives you ample time to do it. Furthermore, the ordering procedure is direct. There are contacts for the human resources and customer care representatives when you need someone to help you order any service. Finally, we find the company safe and secure for clients with a legit password reset possibility. The company reaches you through your email to allow for the password reset.


Chapter 5 : Pricing Policy Review

There is no helpful information about the cost of ROI Call Center Solutions services. This company only claims that they offer affordable outsourcing customer care services, but they do not state even the minimum charge for their services. Moreover, there is little information on how one makes payment to the company. Since most call center companies have various payment methods such as Scrill and Pay Pal, both could be the same ROI Call Center Solution uses. 

The security of the company when it comes to money issues is not elaborate. There is no statement of moneyback guarantee or any other assurance for the client’s safety. 

The only useful statement we found on the website is that clients will pay their customer representatives 85% of what they would have paid a physically present employee for them to do the same job. They also state the minimum salary for a call center representative between 10-13 US dollars per hour. 


Chapter 6 : ROI Call Center Solutions: Contact and Support

With over 500 employees, this company provides support to their customers across their locations. Thus, it assures customers of ROI Call Center Solutions 24/7, 365 availability, and appropriate help. As a result, most users do not complain about their availability or responses to their concerns.

The various options for contacting the company include live chatting, email chatting, and phone calls. In addition, they have provided general, customer agent, and human resource contact information that clients can use to reach them any time of the day or night. ROI Call Center Solutions’ hours of serving their clients are friendly and flexible; clients can seek help from them all the time.


Chapter 7 : ROI Call Center Solutions Feedback and Social Review

We found out that ROI Call Center Solutions Limited is not active on various social media platforms. On the positive side, they are quick to respond to the few comments from social media users. We could not find any threads for conversations on Instagram. However, there were few on FaceBook, Linked In, and Twitter. 

There are few short conversations on the company’s FaceBook page with non-detailed feedback or comments from viewers. Facebook users don’t seem to know the company well, so they don’t actively engage with them in conversations. It appears to be a new company, albeit it started in 2008. 

We also checked review sites such as Trustpilot, SiteJabber, and Reddit. Unfortunately, there were no reviews done by these review companies. Also, there was no relevant information to write in our ROI Call Center Solutions review. 

Reddit has reviewed multiple companies, including other call center services. Unfortunately, it wasn’t easy to find a Reddit review on ROI Call Center Solutions. We found review on the company’s overview and performance with a 3.8 rating. However, many sites have not delved into writing reviews on this company.


Chapter 8 : ROI Call Center Solutions FAQs/ Safe and Secure

The Company’s FAQ section is generally good since there are responses to all the questions. However, the responses are not detailed and do not clarify the expectations of the audience. 

Is ROI Call Center Solutions secure? Unfortunately, there is no guarantee about this. In its privacy policy, the company claims to take reasonable measures to secure client’s data. But, they continue to state that they cannot guarantee 100% security on the customer’s data.

We cannot be bold to declare the safety of ROI Call Center Solutions. Information on payment methods, moneyback policy, etc., is not available. Since the company does not give clear guarantees about the safety of using their services, we can conclude that it is not dependable or secure. For anyone to use their services, an investigation is necessary to ascertain its safety and dependability. It will help you know if you can trust them or not.


Chapter 9 : ROI Call Center Solutions Speed

From the website, the company assures the customers of their scalability. They promise to provide customized services with speed and efficiency. We did not find complaints from any platform about this being untrue. So, we can trust the company’s execution speed. In the current competitive market, businesses need to know how fast and efficiently they can access services, especially when dealing with clients.


Chapter 10 : ROI Call Center Solutions Discount Code, Coupons, and Promo

ROI Call Center Solutions promotes and advertises its services and products through social media and sending emails to individuals. But, we did not find any relevant information regarding promo codes, coupons, and discounts. Therefore, the only assurance is that those who use their services will reduce their operational costs and increase revenue. Probably, they provide subsidized services to help clients save on their budget. 

The company’s website displays a form that any interested client can fill to get a free quote for their businesses. 

There is no data on scholarship issuance for any category. 


Chapter 11 : ROI Call Center Solutions: Conclusions

4/Summing up, we have found out that ROI Call Center Solutions is an average service provider in the market. Their website is impressive and well organized. Their list of services for both inbound and outbound categories is presented well. However, most of the things they promise don’t reflect on social media platforms. Many people do not leave comments on their posts, showing that they may not have many clients in the industry, probably due to issues with trust or quality service provision. 

Moreover, a lot of information is missing on their website; for example, the price of their services and discounts. Therefore, you cannot know how much you are likely to pay to sign up and use their services. Even though there are no reliable reviews for this company, a rating of 3.9 from customers is good enough. They need to improve their social media engagements to show activity and quality of performance. Additionally, they need to be transparent about their pricing and other relevant information for customers.

TOTAL GRADE: 4.0/5.0

Chapter 12 : Alternative Services

Don’t be frustrated that we have not found ROI Call Center Solutions to be reliable. If you would like to work with the best call center company for satisfying services, it is good to check other top-rated call center options on the internet. Examples include Contact One, XACT, Intelemark, Wow 24-7, Unity Communications, etc. You can get many other alternatives cheaply, and you will be happy to see your business grow with outsourced customer support services from their call center agents.


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